Making 802.1x authentication flexible

What is Authus?

Authus is a RADIUS solution that brings flexibility in 802.1x authentication regardless of the used infrastructure.

Why would you need Authus?

You have a growing user population. They bring more and more devices. Your WiFi maintenance is growing out of hand. Authus will fix that in an elegant and self-explaining manner.

  • Flexible
  • Balance users between multiple VLANs, based on location, device or user type.

  • Security
  • Make sure the right user gets in the right VLAN.

  • Ease of use
  • Prevent administrative overhead, templates configure the same type of WiFi devices.

  • Support your users
  • Give your support desk an insightful view into the inner workings of devices connecting to your network. Show the reason of connection failures without being a protocol specialist.

  • Provide overview
  • Track WiFi usage, do capacity planning, provide access to log and accounting information and signal anomalies in the network.

  • Tracing / Debugging
  • Track and trace authentication attempts based on device and username.

  • Multi vendor
  • Facilitate multiple devices from multiple vendors without compromises.

  • Stability
  • Use the trusted and well proven Radiator RADIUS engine.

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